THE JUGGLING DUO Samson and Samuel

Hugely experienced, talented, stylish - jugglers with great patter

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the SAM Jugglers ensures that their high-energy, infectious act will be a hit at your party.

When you think of juggling, visions of flying colored balls, clubs, rings , unicycling....fill your imagination. The Jugglers for hire at ultimate party planners are highly skilled and have taken this art to an entirely new level. You guessed it right ! I am talking about the SAM JUGGLERS - The jugglers you’ve been searching for.

If you want to hire SAM Jugglers, be quick, they’re skilled, popular and exciting. They’re also fun and will brighten your birthday party, your corporate event or children’s entertainment.

SAM Jugglers are currently entertaining people across Goa at Birthday parties, First Holy Communion parties, corporate events, festivals, fetes, and shopping centres.

Give your guests something unique that will keep them talking for days after your party.